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PCB distribution - PCBs in many variations

LEOS Leiterplatten GmbH in Leopoldshöhe is your specialist for PCB procurement. Our certified production plants produce high quality PCBs in China for your branch specific demands at competitive prices. The following table shows an overview on our large product range.

product range
product range (zusätzlich)
Layers 1 - 10 Layers 12-22 Layers
Basic material CEM-3, FR-4, 94HB Rogers, Aluminum, Flex-Rigid
Surface HASL-LF, HASL, OSP, ENIG, Flash Gold Gold Finger, Hard Gold, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin
Max. PCB dimensions 470mm x 533mm 546mm x 622mm
PCB thickness Double side: 0,3 - 3,2 mm Multi-layer: 0,38 - 3,2 mm Double side: 0,1 - 5,0 mm Multi-layer: 0,2 - 3,2 mm
Tolerance in conductor tracks width and clearance +/-20% +/-10%
Tolerance in impedance +/-10% +/-8%
Arching and torsion max. <= 0,75% max. <= 0,5%
Further process steps Sink holes, Blind/buried vias, HDI, Milling depth, Auto-V-cut, Jump V-cut, Peelable Mask, Carbon Ink Print
Copper layer thickness 4 oz outside / 3 oz inside 5 oz outside / 4 oz inside
Surface Thickness
HAL (HASL / Lead free HASL) 40 - 1,600 µ" (1 - 40 µm)
OSP Entek Plus HT, Preflux F2 LX
Gold Gold: 2 - 4 µ" (0,05 – 0,10 µm)
Nickel: 120 - 250 µ" (3 – 6,25 µm)
Hard Gold Gold: 5 - 50 µ" (0,125 – 1,27 µm)
Nickel: 100 - 250 µ" (2,5 – 6,25 µm)
Immersion Tin 40 µ" min (1,0 µm)

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At our services in PCB procurement, our company sets high value on individual solutions fulfilling your requirements as well as on short delivery times. The express service for low volume orders and prototypes ensure the quickest possible delivery of your order.

Rely on competitive Chinese prices combined with European quality! You can get additional information on PCB procurement and our large product range from our employees. You are welcome to give us a call or use our contact form.

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